The Spark Executive Fellowship is on a mission to build a better future for the commercial real estate industry.


Start With Excellence

The Spark Fellowship recruits people with unique experiences and backgrounds who demonstrate a track record of drive, resilience, and success, who will be able to bring their excellence and perspective to commercial real estate.

Accelerate Careers

The Spark fellowship turbo-charges fellow’s careers by providing training, supporting on the job excellence, and industry mentorship and coaching across the fellowship year and beyond.


Employment Partners

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Industry Partners


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Grow through exposure and experience.

Deep Exposure

  • Over 13 months, you will rotate through industry leading real estate companies, gaining deep exposure to multiple roles and verticals.
  • You will gain a more holistic, informed view of the industry as a foundation for your career growth.

High Expectations

  • Expectations will be high on the job and as part of the Fellowship cohort.
  • To help meet these expectations, you will receive direct training in key skillsets that will drive your long-term career growth, including modeling, real estate fundamentals, presentation, writing, and communication.
Sample Fellowship Schedule
August 2023
Sept 2024
Pre-placement training
Work Module 1
Work Module 2
Work Module 3
Work Module 4
Post Program

30 days of intensive training. Led by CRE Analyst, industry leaders, and employer partners.

Company 1

Company 2

Company 3

Company 4

Secure long-term employment and support future fellows.

Investment Sales and Capital Markets

Asset Management and Acquisitions 

Development and Property Management 

Tenant and Landlord Representation

Targeted training managed by CRE Analyst

Networking and mentoring with industry leaders

*Companies, progression, and specialization areas may vary

Pre-placement Training

Our preplacement training will prepare you with the skills for immediate value on the job. The training will set you up far beyond the fellowship, giving you learning to apply to your career in commercial real estate. The preplacement training is hands-on, real-world, and targeted to help you establish an immediately applicable set of tools you will use on the job and continue to grow in throughout your time as a fellow.

Key Training Areas

Technical Skills

Learn the frameworks and concepts at the heart of how the industry operates and makes decisions.

Experiential Learning

Apply the technical frameworks and concepts to real-world problems.


Access industry leaders and coaches to support growth in industry technical and soft skills.

Spark Benefits Far Beyond the Paycheck

We invest in each fellow through our benefits package, crafted to empower you and free you to focus on growth across your time as a fellow.


Top of the market pay for entry level analysts, up to $100K in total compensation.

Healthcare Coverage

Medical, dental, and vision insurance for employees.

Argus Certifications

Through the training period, you will have the opportunity to become Argus certified.

Alumni Network

You will forever be part of a growing network of smart and driven CRE professionals who

Targeted Employment Support

Support from CRE Analyst to help you find a great role after the fellowship.

Relocation Assistance

Available via a need-based stipend.


Are you ready to apply?



Are you ready to apply?

You can expect that the Spark Application experience will be unlike other jobs you’ve applied for. We have developed an approach to candidate selection that gathers a broad set of data points, allowing candidates from diverse backgrounds to put their best foot forward and make a strong case for their selection. We also designed the process to be a valuable training ground for future success in commercial real estate interviews, regardless of fellowship selection outcome. 

Our evaluation process is intense but necessary, and includes:

Round #1: Application

  • Written Application: The written application involves assessments, short answers, and personality testing. Those who make it past the written application are invited to attend a 36-hour Super Day interview.

Round #2:  36-hour Super Day

  • Shadowing: Finalists have an opportunity to shadowed industry professionals for a half-day. In the past year, shadowing opportunities were available at leading firms, including: 
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  • Networking happy hour: All finalists attend a networking happy hour with shadowing mentors and selection committee members.
  • Mentoring dinner: Finalists attend small group dinners with industry leaders.
  • Formal interview: Interview panels ask all finalists the same set of questions and are graded on a rubric.
  • Case study: Finalists completed a development case study and had an opportunity to discuss findings with a facilitator.
  • Real estate assessment: Finalists completed a real estate assessment.


Want more information on how to master practical skills and excel in commercial real estate?

CRE Analyst Fast Track delivers best-in-class training around the critical modules that drive the commercial real estate industry.